Month: March 2017

What’s Your Songwriting Story?

Every songwriter has a story. We all bring all we are to the songwriting process. If we’re depressed, we write sad songs. If we’re still processing a lot of pain, we bring all that pain to the process of songwriting and it’s expressed in the song itself one way or

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Join the Song Revolution

Welcome to The Song Revolution Podcast where a new Christian music movement has begun! Led by prolific songwriter, publisher and long-time industry veteran, John Chisum, we’re here to empower you to write your best songs yet with inspiring insights, fresh motivation, and great interviews with amazing songwriters, artists, producers, industry

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Getting Your Songs “Out There”

A lot of people say they “hate Christian radio” because it’s formulaic, predictable, and represents only a small portion of the Christian life. In this episode, John Chisum enlists you in a new movement to change the status quo, but not by criticizing and cursing the existing radio formats. Isn’t

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