Month: June 2017

Make Your Worship Songs “Worship”

Why do many worship songs seem to fall flat? What is it about the long-lasting ones that make them connect so well to worshipers and even spread around the world to be sung by millions? And, just as importantly, how can you make your songs compelling to the point that

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Real Success in Songwriting

The world of songs, songwriting, and music publishing has changed. As in book publishing, television, movies, and all forms of art, entertainment, and intellectual properties, technology has forever altered the way our music is delivered, who creates it, who owns it, who controls it, and how fans are attracted to

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Angst, Art, and Songwriting With the Incredibly Talented Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad is, by her own admission, a very opinionated person. Of Middle Eastern descent, yet raised in a small cult-like expression of the Plymouth Brethren denomination in New Jersey, she was not allowed to sing or read Scriptures in front of males and suffered tremendous personal repression as a child. Ironically,

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