Month: October 2018

Linda Doane on Music, Faith, and Stage Four Cancer

“That desire to write was always in me. That desire to sing was always in me, but I just thought it was for myself.” On this episode of The Song Revolution Podcast, Linda Doane lends her testimony and her insight to John Chisum, detailing her battle with cancer and the

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[SONGWRITING TIPS #3] Where Do Great Song Ideas Come From?

QUESTION: What would it feel like to hear thousands of people singing your songs? ANSWER: Really, really great, believe me. I remember the first time that it happened for me and the thrill that I felt realizing that God had actually used me to bring something valuable to a lot of

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How Pro Songwriters Crank Out Hit After Hit

“Songs are more assembled than written… Pro songwriters understand the craft of songwriting and they use every tool they have to assemble a good song.” Last weekend, Nashville Christian Songwriters hosted the 4th Songwriting Intensive Weekend. Forty aspiring songwriters came together with professional level song coaches and speakers from the

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