3 Ways to Write Your Best Songs in 2022

Take control of your songwriting in this New Year… here are three ways to get you started!

I’m always super positive and hopeful at the beginning of each calendar year. There’s just something fresh for me in January that feels like a blank slate. Each New Year feels like a chance to get closer to the life I want.

Do you feel that, too?

Here are three ideas for how you can make 2022 your BEST songwriting year yet.

First, be open to change the way you think about your songwriting.

Staying stuck in the same old patterns will keep yielding the same drab results. But fresh things happen in our lives when we’re open to something new. Pro songwriters think differently. You can learn this too! Here’s an article called “Discover Your Best Songwriting Process” that might help you level up the way you think about your songwriting process.

Second, pursue new conversations.

We’re all the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Who are your closest five people each day? What kind of conversations are you having? You can level up your average simply by adding more powerful and interesting people into your life. Joining new groups, or reaching out for a mentor coach. building new friendships with people smarter and more successful than yourself is a key to success. It’s an easy and powerful way to grow. Here’s a great podcast interview with Matthew West called “MATTHEW WEST: Hitting the Reset Button” you might enjoy.

Third, stop making excuses and work harder at songwriting.

It takes discipline to be great at anything, especially creative writing of any kind. It’s a lot easier to say, “I’m GOING to write some great songs” than it is to actually do it. Add daily writing into your routine to practice your craft instead of just dreaming and talking about it. A number of our NCS Pro Song Coaching clients are signing publishing contracts and being heard on radio & tv. They are impacting their churches with great new songs, and even becoming Grammy nominees. You can read their stories in our Songwriter of the Month category.

Here’s a link to set up a quick call with us if you’d like to explore it for yourself:


Remember that small efforts add up to big gains, but consistency and taking responsibility are key.

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