Afraid You’re Not Good Enough for the NCS Boot Camp?

I’ve been doing a string of live streaming free song critiques this week as part of filling up the next NCS Boot Camp starting March 4th and was shocked when one singer-songwriter was wondering if they were “good enough” for the boot camp.

First, we’re way off the mark if we’re giving that impression! NCS exists to empower Christian songwriters worldwide and the NCS Boot Camp is the most powerful way we do it through an eight-week online personalized mentoring and coaching experience.

There’s no quicker way to learn what high-level songwriting is about or to feel what it’s like to have a meeting each week with a real Nashville publisher than through our boot camp, so the last thing we want is for someone to be afraid of it!

Think about it, though – a boot camp is about “basic training.”

It’s an intense learning experience in which you’re brought face to face with what you know and don’t know about how to write at a high level. The demand is serious and it’s not for everyone. You find out quickly what you need to succeed and then get it – you’re actually mentored in exactly what to do to write at a level the world can love!

In fact, we’ve worked with aspiring songwriters of all ages, some of which don’t play an instrument and who aren’t singers. They just want to be pro songwriters and take a step up from songwriting as a hobby to having the potential of future income and being used globally.

We’ve seen many of our songwriting clients gain radio exposure, get into cowriting with successful songwriters in Nashville, and have major publishers reviewing and having strong interest in their songs – and these were people very new to songwriting!

This training is a must for:

  • Worship leaders wanting to write for their churches and globally
  • Singer-songwriters ready to build a devoted following
  • Songwriters longing to get their messages heard by larger audiences
  • Aspiring CCM Artists or anyone wanting to break into professional music
  • Any songwriter serious enough to invest in their ministries and careers to reach a higher level of success

If you’re hungry enough to get this kind of training, we’ve still got a couple of spots open for you to claim. All you have to do is read about it HERE, hit the APPLY NOW link and fill out a short application. We’ll get on a call to talk about it and discern if it’s the right thing for you now. If not, no harm. If it is, then you’re in for the ride of your life and you can expect to grow in your songwriting like never before!

One of our recent clients said, “It’s like taking the scales off your eyes…” We have so many testimonials of the power of the NCS Boot Camp, so why not make the next one yours?

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