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Cut through the noise! Make your music with NCS.

What Do You Get?

Become the Christian Artist and worship leader you were born to be. Nashville Christian Songwriters offers all you need to begin, build, and grow your career and ministry.

The NCS Artist Development experience is your “record label in a box” where you can tap into all the functions a traditional record label would offer you as an aspiring Christian Artist.

Find your voice as an artist, establish your style and brand, build your team of professionals, and connect with an audience that’s waiting to hear from you through this powerful 90-day coaching experience.

The Path to a Successful Christian Music Career is NOT a straight line. We're ready to partner with you to make your vision a reality.

Every successful artist goes through their own development process. From songwriting and production to publishing, image and branding (even in Christian music), to vocal coaching and social media management, every artist must refine their craft to reach their highest potential and to reach a wider audience.

Now, Nashville Christian Songwriters and NewReleaseToday have teamed up to bring you everything you need to begin to refine your artistry and build your ministry for God’s glory through our new NCS Artist Development.

In this 90-day hands-on experience, you will discover all the essential elements you’ll need to get your music career launched in a way that is economical and sustainable. Yes, finances are required to build any type of career, including your Christian music ministry. But, if you know God is truly calling you, then you also know that He will provide all you need as you follow Him faithfully each step of the way.

There’s never been a better time to be a Christian communicator. Now NCS Artist Development can help you step into your mission quickly and without the hit-and-miss efforts of trying to do it on your own.

“I did what NCS suggested and it made all the difference in the world! John is a great songwriter, mentor, and coach. He is also a great encourager and I’m just thankful to have him in my life!”
Petrina Pacheco

Find Your Voice

God created you to be a unique voice for His message of love and grace. Together we’ll discover your distinctive sound as a Christian Artist.

Build Your Team

Every successful artist has a team of faithful supporters. From producers to website development, we’ll help you build your best team for major success.

Establish Your Style

Establishing your brand as an artist is vital to building a successful, long-term career. It's important to lean into your own style and share an authentic message.

Connect with Your Audience

There’s a real audience waiting for what God wants to say through you. Let’s go find them as you begin to fulfill God’s call on your life as a Christian communicator.

How It Works

Gone are the days that a record company discovers an undeveloped artist and pours millions of dollars into making them successful. In the words of Centricity Music’s VP of Publishing, Chad Segura, “Stop sending me your songs. Make enough noise where you are and I will find you.”
If you are accepted into this program, you will embark on a transformational 90-day journey into exactly how Christian artists get started building a platform for their ministries and learn how to make your own noise.

While studying the deep and thorough video curriculum, you’ll meet weekly with one or more of your curated artist development team members on one-hour Zoom calls.


Write your best songs now to reach a wider audience with your testimony or worship songs.


Discover the power of world-class production that will help you turn your vision into reality.

Skills & Talents

Develop your skills to be heard on a global stage as the Christian Artist you feel called to be.


Learn to effectively share your music and grow your audience with humility and authenticity.

Kingdom Mindset

Cultivate a kingdom mindset as you are coached by our team of devoted Christ followers.

Road Map

Gain confidence and clarity as the road to your compelling music ministry unfolds through NCS Artist Development.

Meet Our Team

Our team of highly successful and highly skilled professionals brings decades of success to you. Not only are they excellent coaches, they are excellent humans living out the calling of Christ in their lives as they make their own music and lead many others to success.

John Chisum

NCS Founder, President

John is known throughout the world as the worship leader and primary songwriter on the classic Integrity’s Hosanna! Music recording Firm Foundation (1994). As a Christian music industry veteran, John has written and published over 400 songs to date and has served alongside some of the best-known and most-loved worship leaders and songwriters such as Paul Baloche, Don Moen, Bill & Gloria Gaither, and many more. He has released many of his own recordings and traveled over one-million miles teaching worship leading and songwriting.

Kevin McNeese

NRT Founder, President

Kevin is the founder and President of NewReleaseToday, Christian Music’s #1 online media outlet. Supporting many independent artists and all of the major labels, NRT receives over 300,000 unique site visits each month and is known as an industry leader in marketing and branding for artists of all levels. Kevin’s curriculum, Christian Artist.Pro, is the basis of the NCS Christian Artist Pro experience and includes over twenty years of knowledge and success supporting independent Christian artists.

Bryant Urich

Songwriter / Producer

Bryant is a successful musician, songwriter, producer, and artist in his own right, as well as being a vital part of the NCS Artist Development experience. Focusing on the type of production you’ll need, Bryant brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to get you into the right level of production, guide you in budgeting and your overall studio efforts. Bryant is a skilled guitarist and keyboardist who brings his whole heart to every song.

Dara Maclean

Artist Dev Coach / Songwriter

Dara is a Dove Nominated singer, songwriter and worship leader in the Fort Worth area. Her passion is to lead people back to the heart of the Father, and to each other, through music. With a penchant for developing younger female artists, Dara brings a strong vocal production skill and a hearty dose of the Spirit. She is focused solely on the artist and how artistry serves the Kingdom of God in purity and strength.

Perry Tankard

Artist Manager / DJ

When Perry Tankard isn’t spinning records across the south as a successful DJ, he’s helping other artists such as Coby James build a successful career through the nuts and bolts of business management. Perry is part of Paravel Global with such artists as Coby James, Carmen Justice, Branan Murphy, and Royce Lovett. Perry will come alongside you to help you get your business savvy up and running.

Coby James

CCM Music Artist

Coby is a young force in Christian music as a singer, songwriter, performer,and producer who has had Top 5 singles. Recently touring as an opener and band member for Steven Curtis Chapman, Coby brings a wealth of knowledge despite his tender age of 22 years. In development with Centricity Music for three years and now an independent artist, Coby brings an insider’s perspective to all you need as a Christian artist.


Latin CCM Artist / Songwriter

“Alysia” is a Latin CCM artist based in the Washington DC area. A powerful musician, songwriter, and artist, Alysia has released numerous singles in the Latino world and brings a multi-lingual coaching approach to serve aspiring Latino artists.

Got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

If your application is reviewed and accepted by our team, we will discuss the program in detail on a call. For now, here are some frequently asked questions you may find helpful.

You will receive lifetime access to the powerful video and pdf curriculum Christian Artist.Pro written by NRT’s very own Kevin McNeese, as well as to any updated versions we create in the future.

You also experience a transformational 90-day coaching program with a curated team of coaches here to listen to your heart for God, help discern your calling, and walk with you to put every building block in place to launch your Christian music ministry and career.

You will meet in a private Zoom room and have your own collection of coaching videos to refer back to again and again. Further, you’ll finally feel the emotional and spiritual support you’ve longed for as you follow the Spirit into your highest calling to make Jesus famous.

First, you will not be accepted into NCS Artist Development if we do not believe we can help you. Our proof is the many songwriters and artists we’ve coached over many decades who’ve achieved more than they could imagine as we coached and encouraged them.

John Chisum, Kevin McNeese, and other team members have lengthy experience supporting artists who’ve impacted the world with their songwriting, worship leading, and artistry.

No one can give you more talent than God did. No one can gauge your work ethic but you. We’re here to teach and train. The rest is up to you.

No. You may meet with as many as two coaches any given week, but the natural sequence is meeting with one coach per week to discuss your current progress in the curriculum, answer questions, and help guide you along your learning and action path.

Each week’s Zoom meeting will be approximately one-hour in length, but it may be longer or shorter per the team member’s discretion. If you don’t show for a scheduled Zoom meeting, that coaching session is forfeited and no makeup sessions will be offered. We’re serious about showing up for you, so you should be too.

Launching any successful career requires a significant investment. We choose to discuss our fees with you once you’ve completed the application process and have been accepted into the program with us.

Frankly, this program isn’t for everyone. If you’re strapped for finances, it is probably best you wait until you’re in a better position to invest before you apply. We will be happy to discuss fees and financing options with you once your application has been accepted.

Your enrollment fees cover lifetime access to the curriculum and the 90-day coaching program with no further coaching fees. Any additional services such as music production, additional voice lessons, management, or marketing will be discussed separately on an as-needed/desired basis.

Yes and no. No on the refund because we’re here to pour ourselves into you. If you don’t show up to work it’s not our fault and we shouldn’t be penalized if you bail out. Yes on the guarantee that you will learn all you need to know to launch a Christian music career. We cannot guarantee any commercial success or a certain number of likes, shares, followers, or record sales. No one can guarantee that and you should run away as fast as you can from anyone who does.

The ChristianArtist.Pro curriculum will be your companion through the experience. You will have weekly videos, pdfs, and worksheets to complete along with your Zoom coaching sessions.

The NCS Artist Development experience is a hybrid of do-it-yourself and done-for-you types of programs. None of the coaches can do your homework. Only you can complete your assignments and think about who you are becoming as an aspiring Christian music artist.

Our team is here to walk alongside you and coach you to your greatest success. You will grow and learn more than you ever dreamed about how the entire process works – from songwriting to production, publishing to releasing your music, and how touring and radio promotion are valuable tools for exposing your music.

Music production is not included, but Bryant Urich and our entire team are here to help guide you into the production of your first single or an entire album.

Ummm, maybe. Or maybe not. We’re not a promotions and marketing company promising to get you booked. We’re a coaching and training company here to give you all the tools, resources, knowledge, and inspiration you need to get yourself booked on those outlets and many more as you put all the building blocks in place.

Additional marketing and promotion services are available through NewReleaseToday.com. Your coach, Kevin McNeese, will help guide you on any services you may need to promote your music.

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