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Anya Lee

Anya Lee's Story

Anya Lee died. Literally. Frozen to death on the Appalachian Trail in 2019, she woke to find herself in the ER staring at the ceiling filled with bright lights and instantly knew that God had spared her for a reason. That reason is her music as the vehicle to express her unswerving faith in Jesus’ love.

Anya’s day job is to be the Associate Dean of Student Affairs at Way Up Near Canada State University. But her passionate avocation is to capture messages and melodies that engage her listeners with the captivating love of God.

With tracks and vocals fashioned in soul, R&B, and pop, Anya reminds us of the nearness of God, no matter the trials and heartaches we suffer. The intricate combination of rhythms and beats programmed and played by soul phenom Gregatron cradle Anya’s tender vocals in an up-to-the-minute pop radio vibe that bring both chill and party simultaneously.

Watch for Anya Lee’s debut singles L.O.Y.L and You’re the One dropping soon on NCS Collective. worshipanyamind.com


“Burning just like a super nova/Turning my world around now that I know Ya…” Anya Lee