MIKE WEAVER: Songs of Deliverance in Times of Trial and Loss

“My entire theology is a Man, it’s Jesus,” says Mike Weaver, frontman of Christian music’s powerhouse band Big Daddy Weave. “I’m telling you, He is with you and He’s with you in the most real way.”

With robust faith and authenticity, Weaver shares through this warm and often funny episode about being a big guy from South Alabama who stumbled into a Christian rock band career now spanning nine albums and multiple tours.

Despite a few years of loss and sorrow, their new album “When the Light Comes,” produced by band member and songwriter Jeremy Redman, is an album filled with joy and life despite tragedy and even death.

Highlights from this episode:
* Mike’s prophetic calling to write music 
* Why isn’t it Big Daddy “WeaveR” 
* Finding hope in the midst of tragedy and sorrow 
* Operation Restored Warrior and Mike’s brother Jay’s struggle with loss and suicide  
* How do you find creativity to write in the midst of struggles? 
* Mike’s words for the person dreaming of being a songwriter 
* The career Mike will pursue if Big Daddy Weave ever falls apart 

  • Mike’s prophetic calling to write music 
  • Why isn’t it Big Daddy “WeaveR” 

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  1. Don Berry

    Listening to this man sharing his heart is so refreshing to my spirit! Mike’s humility and transparency (honesty) is what Jesus loves and what He is more than willing to use. Thanks for offering this up!

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