Carol Chisolm: From Burned Out to Bold New Ministry

Songwriter Success Story

Carol Chisholm suffered with alopecia, a skin disorder that causes extreme hair loss. Embarrassment and shame were her constant companions. She hid beneath wigs and told no one of her condition, refusing to let even her family see her uncovered balding head.

But Carol had no idea what lay in store for her when she felt the Lord calling her to develop her songwriting. “I found my heart again,” she says, testifying of the transformation she experienced attending the Song Revolution Workshop where she heard God speak to her heart the words, “how can they give Me glory if they never know your struggle?”

A Bold New Carol

In this candid video conversation, John Chisum and Carol dig deeper into how her shame was transformed into a bold new ministry of overcoming the struggle of alopecia through her music.

“I watched as Carol was becoming a better songwriter through our coaching sessions, but I wasn’t expecting the magnitude of this personal transformation,” says Chisum. “Carol is a whole new bold and beautiful woman of God now that doesn’t resemble the person we first met at the workshop. I am really proud of her!”

Whatever your struggle, find fresh courage as you watch this great video interview with the bold new singer-songwriter, Carol Chisholm, NCS Songwriter of the Month.

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