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Brenda Wurtz with guitar

Brenda Wurtz Named NCS Songwriter of the Month

A Christian Songwriter’s Answered Prayers “I had been praying for a very long time because I’ve always had this desire inside of me to do something more,” says Canadian Christian songwriter, Brenda Wurtz, NCS Songwriter of the Month. “It was through NCS that the songwriter in me was just kind

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Songwriter Mark Boucot

Mark Boucot Named NCS Songwriter of the Month

“When I came to the Song Revolution [Workshop], honestly, it was a pretty life changing experience for me,” says Maryland songwriter, Mark Boucot. “I learned some fundamentals of songwriting that I really didn’t have down, even in my time as a secular writer.” Boucot, a senior executive for two five-star

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Songwriter Tamera Perry

Tamera Perry Named NCS Songwriter of the Month

“My church fellowship loves good hand clapping, rousing songs,” confesses Tamera Perry. “They like some of Paul Baloche’s faster stuff like ‘Today is the Day’ and ‘Because of Your Love.’ These are their favorites. They like to clap!” Writing rousing hand-clapping worship songs for her church in Silver City, New

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Aussie Worship Leader Daniel Chigwidden NCS Songwriter of the Month

Daniel Chigwidden is probably the coolest teacher at Sydney Secondary College’s Leichhardt campus near Sydney, Australia. He’s got the Aussie accent, the stylish man bun/beard combo, and is now writing killer worship songs for his praise team at Petersham Assembly of God after completing NCS Coaching. “I think it’s definitely

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Missy Ducharme: NCS Songwriter of the Month

A passion for giving back and serving others is what inspires the music of our NCS Songwriter of the Month, Missy Ducharme. “It is an honor and a blessing to be able to share music that brings hope, joy, strength, and healing. It can help create some of your greatest

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Carol Chisolm Named NCS Songwriter of the Month

A Passion for Songwriting Often, it seems, that the things we are meant to do find us, rather than the other way around. And so it is with this month’s Songwriter of the Month, Carol Chisolm. Carol spent her early years playing around on the piano and writing music with a

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Trevor Graves Named NCS Songwriter of the Month

Pastor, Singer-Songwriter, Trevor Graves Music has been an integral part of life for Kentucky pastor, Trevor Graves, for almost as long as he can remember. Growing up as a pastor’s kid, he began to sing at the age of 4. “I practically cut my teeth on a microphone,” he jokes.

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David Michael Watson Is Calling Us to Be Brave Again

At first glance, David Michael Watson appears to be just another California surfer dude.  But get to know his music and you quickly discover that he’s a deep-thinking, deep-feeling, and deep-hearted worshiper who has a message to bring to the world through his thoughtful modern worship approach. Deep-Hearted Worship Releasing

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