Category: Songwriting Mindset

Developing Healthy Songwriting Habits for 2020

How healthy are your songwriting habits? The best way to know is to look at the quality and quantity of your song output. If you’re writing less than one song per month or so, or, you know you’re not getting the kind of response and exposure for your songs you

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How To Uplevel Your Songwriting In 2020

Are you wanting to “up level” your songwriting in 2020? Are you a singer-songwriter ready to take your craft to a much higher level to impact even more listeners? In today’s show Nashville Christian Songwriters President John Chisum and our podcast producer, Peter Hartzell, sit down in the studio to

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Want to Become a Successful Songwriter? Here’s How!

I’ve just released one of the clearest and most important teaching episodes on the Song Revolution for Christian songwriters yet. It’s called “How to Become a Successful Songwriter” and in it I share the most important thing you can know about songwriting, a simple yet profound principle that jump-started me

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