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Francesca Battistelli On Juggling Her Music Career As A Christian Singer Songwriter Touring A New Record, Family With 4 Kids, And A Personal Life

Francesca Battistelli gives us a peek under the hood of her songwriting process, share her heart for Worship, and answers the question “How do you balance everything?” You can connect with her on: Facebook Instagram or Website The Song Revolution Podcast is dedicated to helping you grow as a songwriter

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Finding Your Voice in the “New Music Economy”

When it comes down to it, we all just want to be heard and understood. As Christian songwriters, our desire is to use our gifts for God. Sometimes that may look like penning a corporate worship song. At other times, a song that tells the tale of redemption, a song

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Afraid You’re Not Good Enough for the NCS Boot Camp?

I’ve been doing a string of live streaming free song critiques this week as part of filling up the next NCS Boot Camp starting March 4th and was shocked when one singer-songwriter was wondering if they were “good enough” for the boot camp. First, we’re way off the mark if

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