JOHN CHISUM: Cowriting – What to Know and What to Bring

“Allow time for a discovery period at the beginning of a co-write”

You rarely see a song these days with just one writer. Especially in Christian music and the world of corporate worship. In Episode 72, John goes in depth into the process of co-writing, what it looks like in Nashville, and how you can use it to write better songs.

“Don’t go into a writing room empty-handed. Walk in with at least 6-10 ideas of what you hope to write”

There are several things that are important to know before going into a writing room with others. You have to realize that, just like relationships, there are going to be writers that you just “click” with, and others that you don’t. It’s more of a process of becoming self-aware to realize what type of writer you are, and the group dynamics of the co-write.

“Take turns sharing ideas and starting on the one that feels most agreeable”

If you’ve been struggling to write songs on your own, we strongly urge you to start co-writing. Community is a part of our DNA here at NCS and we know that in order to write better songs, we need each other for feedback and collaboration.

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John Chisum

John Chisum is a pioneer in the Christian music business, serving alongside people such as Bill & Gloria Gaither, Twila Paris, Paul Baloche, Don Moen, and many more. As President of Nashville Christian Songwriters, John seeks to empower Christian songwriters worldwide to discover and fulfill their call to write.

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  1. Jordan Clarke

    Hello John and Bryant!
    This was such an informative and helpful podcast. I am excited about becoming equipped as a co-writer. I have done one co-write in the past which turned out quite well but everything else has been a solo venture. This was a good source of encouragement for me to consider doing another co-write. Keep up the good work Guys, I really appreciate it. God bless!


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