How to Get Your Songs Heard… Really Heard

It’s the #1 question on every aspiring songwriter’s mind… how can I get my songs heard? Hey, no shame, right? God gave you the desire and the gift to write, so wanting to be heard is just the natural next step. In fact, I believe that God designed you to be heard because He’s passionate about reaching people all over the world who need to hear what He wants to say through you.

But how does that happen beyond your living room?

God gave you the desire and the gift to write, so wanting to be heard is just the natural next step.

First, it starts with realizing that there are many levels of songwriting.

All songs aren’t created equally, though we value the beauty of every song inspired by the love and grace of God, from the childlike song of a five-year old singing Jesus Loves Me to the latest hits by Lauren Daigle. Every song  of praise has a place in God’s heart. In our world, songs have places, too, and those places are clearly marked by the level of one’s songwriting abilities.

Secondly, you get to choose where you target on the spectrum of songs and songwriting. 

Do you want to sit at your piano and write love songs to Jesus, not caring much about style, form, lyric, consistency, context, a current and powerful “hook,” or what
anyone else may think about it? That’s perfectly fine, but just be aware that all of those elements are demanded if you want to hear your songs played on the radio or sung by artists. There are very clear rules for radio songs that don’t apply to a lot of other types of songs. Deciding who you want to write for is a powerful key in actually being heard by them.

There are very clear rules for radio songs that don’t apply in a lot of other types of songs.

Third, writers often fail to realize that successful songwriting requires a strategy to be heard by the audience you desire.

While hope is central to our faith, just hoping someone’s going to put your song on their record isn’t a good strategy. You have to target where your songs will go, who will use them, who will sing them and why your songs could outweigh a million others vying for just a few spots. This field is as competitive as any other, so you must be armed and ready to bring your best game every time.

Use These Three Things to Be Heard

Songwriters often fail to keep these three things in mind and settle for where they are without bothering to really develop their craft, failing to target an audience clearly, and fail to devise an actual strategy for being heard by the audience they hope to win.

Many songwriters I know spend more time wanting to be heard than writing songs worth hearing. Don’t be one of them. Decide where you want to be on the spectrum and bravely pursue your passion. Then start piecing together the strategy that will expose your songs after they’re fully developed with the right audiences and watch as God blesses others, and you, through this effort well spent.

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  1. Jordan Clarke

    This is very good advice John. If we don’t take the time to map out our coarse of where we want to end up than we shouldn’t be surprised if we end up somewhere else. God bless you!

    Jordan C.

  2. Chaz Landell

    Nice, I’ve been writing for 40 yrs, Never thought much of it because it came so easy. Now people are telling me, “get your songs heard…..people need them.” So, can you HELP ME?!

  3. Julie Shea

    The lord has given me several songs and I am still waiting for him to lead my way to make them heard. Please pray for me to listen and take God’s lead.

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