I AM THEY: Finding God Faithful Again

For pop worship band I AM THEY, believing in God’s faithfulness is an active exercise in trust. After years of member transition and internal uncertainty with how or even why to move forward, they are leaning on Hebrews 10:23 – “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who is promised is faithful.” 

The band – made up of Matt Hein (vocals, guitar), Abbie Parker, (vocals), Brandon Chase (vocals, guitar), Justin Shinn (keys) and Nicole Hickman (drums) – poured the challenges of the past, hope for the future, and a newfound joy for the present into their third album, Faithful God. 

Show host, John Chisum, met up with IAT’s Abbie Parker and Matt Hein at K-LOVE Studios in Franklin, TN, to discuss the new album and the new season they find themselves in as they weather the storms 2020 has brought to us all. This engaging interview includes how the band moved an entire tour online when the world was shutting down for Covid-19 and their own coping strategies in quarantine.

“I’ve loved their music from their first album,” Chisum says. “And I was amazed at their transparency about their personal struggles with addiction and relationship meltdowns, including Abbie’s divorce, Matt’s former addiction to pornography, and Justin’s miraculous recovery from a near-lethal addiction to heroin.” 

IAT discussed welcoming their newest member, Brandon Chase, on vocals and guitar for this album. Chase graduated from Berklee College of Music at age 17, joined Team Blake on The Voice, and was voted ‘Crush of the Week’ by Seventeen Magazine. 

Matt, Abbie, and John have a warm and often funny conversation that will encourage anyone needing grace for their own struggles and undoubtedly win new fans for the band and their music.

You can find I Am They at I AM THEY and on all streaming platforms, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. Perla

    Thank you for sharing the singers testimony showing God’s faithfulness to each of the team, handling addictions and overcoming struggles into more fulfilling life that God intended us all to be according to His plan. God bless????

  2. Joy Dame

    Loved Listening to this! Thank you for your ministry “I Am They” Thank you for sharing with the world ypur past and your present and How God uses broken things and makes Beautiful from them for our Good and His Glory. May God continue to bless your songwriting and music making. I’m a songwriter and enjoyed listening today. Thanks John Chisem! You are continuing to be a blessing to us!

  3. Lynn Phillips

    I am they, remind me of this song I need to work on called it’s me and I wish I could join thank you

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