JOHN CHISUM: Level Up Your Songwriting

Are you wanting to “up level” your songwriting in 2020? Are you a singer-songwriter ready to take your craft to a much higher level to impact even more listeners?

In today’s show Nashville Christian Songwriters President John Chisum and our podcast producer, Peter Hartzell, sit down in the studio to take a look back at some highlights for this show and for Nashville Christian Songwriters in 2019, as well as to give you some practical steps you can take  to make the coming year your best ever for songwriting and building your audience.

Our show passed 100,000 downloads in 2019 with 140 episodes and counting, filled with information about songwriting, the music business, and wonderful interviews with interesting and influential creatives such as 10th Avenue North, Don Moen, and Chris McClarney. 

Peter joined the NCS Team in early 2019. He is a worship leader, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, audio/video producer and owner of Tree House Media specializing in consulting and developing content market strategies. 

Learn more about Tree House Media: and connect with Peter at

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