KARI JOBE: The Blessing of a Pure Heart for God

It’s difficult to believe Kari Jobe’s first album containing the now iconic Revelation Song (Riddle) only released in 2009. Kari, one of the most wholesome and loved worship leaders of our time, maintains her childlike perspectives on worship and ministry despite worldwide acclaim, multiple awards, and accolades. Her name, Kari, even means “purity” and pure worship and love for God flow from her in every moment of this new interview with show host, John Chisum.

“It was like sitting down with a sweet friend, or my younger sister,” says Chisum. “Kari is so open about where she is now after so many successful years of ministry and how she’s been able to go even deeper in the Word when a lot of people burn out. I love this interview!”

Listen in as Kari shares from her heart the realities of raising children during the Covid-19 pandemic, the challenges of touring with children and husband, worship leader, Cody Carnes, as well as sharing her deepest struggles as a single person before God brought Cody into her life. 

John and Kari discuss her lengthy history of breakthrough worship songs such as Revelation Song, Holy Spirit, Healer, No Sweeter Name, and Forever, and the global impact of her latest offering in The Blessing, co-written with Pastor Steven Furtick, Carnes, and Christopher Brown. 

“I think what feels really sweet on this and what feels a little different is these songs really,” she says. “I really dug deep for this album and for every song that’s on the project, there’s probably five that didn’t make it. I just remembered saying to Cody,’I don’t want to put anything on this project that won’t work at church and in a congregational setting.’” 

If you’ve followed the powerful worship ministry of Kari Jobe for years or are new to her music, you’ll love hearing her tender heart for worship and her desire that you go deeper in your own devotional life. 

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  1. Jeff McLeod

    Such a great interview with my sweet Friend Kari. Thanks for asking perfect questions, John!

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