MICHAEL CARD: Keeping Theology in Your Songwriting

“Let the excellence of your work be your protest”

In episode 75, John sits down with veteran songwriter, author, and Bible scholar, Michael Card. Michael has recorded over 37 albums, authored over 27 books, hosted a radio program, and written for a wide range of magazines. While he has penned such favorites as “El Shaddai”, “Love Crucified Arose”, and “Immanuel,” He never imagined writing over 19 #1 hits. The popularity of his work seemed a stark contrast to his goal in life, to simply and quietly teach the Bible.

“God uses suffering to save the world – that is what makes Christianity unique”

Michael is a graduate of Western Kentucky University, where he earned his bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in biblical studies. Michael has also received honorary PhD’s in music and Christian education from Whitfield Seminary and Philadelphia Biblical University.

Although music provided him the opportunity to share insight gained through extensive research, writing songs alone limited what he felt called to share. Card would frequently agonize over having to condense the vast depth and richness of scripture into a three-minute song. And so he fell, quite naturally, into the field of book writing where he has garnered numerous awards.

“God’s presence is more important than His provision”

We hope that this episode inspires you to constantly weave theology throughout your songwriting. Over the years, Michael has continuously pointed people back to Jesus and the Bible with his deep lyrics and meaningful thoughts. We are called, not just to be songwriters, but to share the gospel with all nations, not just with our songs, but with our lives.

“Music is water that you wash people’s feet with”

Some topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction // Michael Card – 0:40
  • How Michael Got His Start – 3:30
  • Being a Songwriter and Academic Scholar – 8:55
  • Let the Excellence of Your Work Be Your Protest – 11:30
  • How to Translate Your Pain without Causing More – 18:58
  • The Difference Between Complaining and Lamenting – 25:02
  • Understanding Psalm 73 – 28:45
  • A Deeper Look at the Presence of God – 32:20
  • The Pauline Revelation – 39:42
  • How Do We Separate Spirit, Soul, and Body? – 45:21
  • Great Songwriters are Readers – 50:00
  • Michael’s New Book – “Hesed” – 57:16
  • Engaging Imagination with Your Words – 59:30
  • What’s Going in Michael’s World Now – 1:13:32
  • Wrap Up and Takeaways – 1:18:20

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