Lining Up for a Hug from Integrity Artist Alisa Turner

The day I met Alisa Turner over at Integrity Music for this week’s podcast interview, I knew she was different from many other label artists I’ve met. The first thing she did was walk in and hug me, but not with the typical I – just – met – you – at – church kind of hug. She meant it. I actually felt loved by her and it changed me somehow.

I was already a fan of her as a singer songwriter straddling the worship artist space, but now I felt like a close friend. And, every time I’ve run into her at social events, she’s hugged me again and seemed genuinely excited to see me.

At the risk of being creepy, I think she likes me.

Wait, I know she likes me and even loves me as a brother because she loves everybody. That’s just Alisa – she is one of the most genuinely loving people I’ve ever met on a deep spiritual level. And it’s infectious.

Her music is great, too, and she’s winning over a growing audience through her work with Integrity. I can just imagine her hugging everyone at each concert, or at least everyone who comes close enough.

Her depth of love for God and people has come at a tremendous price, though, as we discuss in the show.

She lost her worship leader Dad early in life. He was her biggest fan and supported her move to Nashville to pursue her music. She’s also struggled with Lyme’s Disease and at times she’s been bedridden from it, suffering much physical pain constantly. Told she couldn’t get pregnant because of it, she conceived only to lose her little boy, London, 71 minutes after birth.

Alisa Turner is much more than a singer songwriter.

She’s more than a survivor, too. She’s the real thing, everything you’d hope a true Christian artist would be – someone who loves Jesus and you, on top of being crazy talented and beautiful and an amazing vocalist. In fact, the term “singer songwriter” doesn’t really capture Alisa. Words like genuine or authentic don’t do it either. She’s more than even all that.

Maybe I haven’t been around her enough to see the weaknesses she must surely have like the rest of us, but Alisa is the first person I’ve met in a long time who has the supernatural gift of loving everyone she meets.

A lot of people can sing and write songs, but not everyone can make you feel loved.

I encourage you to check out Alisa’s wonderful music HERE and be sure to get around her, if you can, when she comes to your town to sing her songs and hug people. You won’t forget it.

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