Many Christian Songwriters Think This (But They’re Wrong)

Many Christian songwriters think that if they’re proclaiming truth in their songs that everyone should like them…. but that’s not always true.

People won’t love your songs just because you love Jesus.

People won’t love your songs just because you quote the Bible.

People won’t love your songs just because you felt passionate, inspired, and anointed as you wrote them.

People will LOVE your songs if they entertain them, solve a problem, or meet the deepest needs of their hearts.

And that doesn’t happen by accident. Great writing is intentional.

I love the verse about being a READY writer in Psalm 45:1(KJV) that says:

 “My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” 

The truth itself is always right, of course.

But you can put eternal truth in a poorly written song and still be ignored.

You can feel holy goosebumps and never connect with listeners.

You can write a thousand songs and never write one that changes one person’s life.

The key is to be a READY WRITER. 

Being ready means being skilled.

Being ready means knowing that the goosebumps are good, but writing powerful words and melodies that touch and change people’s lives is better.

Being ready means that you’ve moved out of just wishing you could be an effective Christian songwriter to taking action to become one.

Wanting to glorify God with your gifts and getting your songs out there is a great start, but gaining the skills to actually do it is far better.

The first month of this New Year is already gone – – what did you do with it to add to your songwriting skills? 

Adding skills to your inspiration is vital to fulfilling your deepest calling to write songs that can connect, inspire, and change people forever. 

Make 2022 count. You’ll never get it back.

Are you a ready writer?

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