Copyright: What Every Christian Songwriter Needs to Know

with Susan Fontaine Godwin

Copyright Insights

Stop the copyright insanity – find out what you need to know now!

What are the most important things you need to know now about copyrighting your songs? This masterclass will give you the info you need to protect your songs and maximize their earning potential with veteran copyright admin and teacher, Susan Fontaine Godwin of Christian Copyright Solutions.If you’re posting your songs on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube you need to check out this informative and fun masterclass for NCS Members now!

You'll Learn…

  • Why copyright is important
  • How copyright protects your work
  • The different types of registrations and which ones to use now
  • Get insights on streaming and sync licensing
  • Your next steps in getting the coverage you need
Susan Godwin
“Copyright exists to promote, protect, and collect on your intellectual properties…”
— Susan Fontaine Godwin

In This Masterclass

If you’re posting your songs on Youtube, Facebook, or anywhere else on social media, you need to know about copyright. Check into this informative and fun masterclass with one of the most knowledgable copyright administrators, the “Copyright Queen” herself, Christian Copyright Solution’s Susan Fontaine Godwin.

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