Effective Cowriting with Grammy Winner David Baroni (Part 2)

with David Baroni

More great pointers on co-writing

In Part 2 of Effective Cowriting, David Baroni and John Chisum continue discussing and even demonstrating, what good cowriting is all about. These guys have written dozens of songs together over two decades and share form the depth of their experience and success the best practices when attempting to create art in groups of two or more.

You'll Learn…

  • When to cowrite
  • What to take to a cowrite
  • How to prepare yourself, ideas, and attitude for cowriting
  • When to push for your ideas and when to let go
  • How to land on styles and genres with your collaborator
  • How to approach song splits
  • What to never leave a cowrite without
  • And more
David 1 (1)
“Having a target in mind is essential – always write with your end user singing in your ears…”
— David Baroni

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