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Make Demos from Home

Learn what you need to begin making great demos of your new songs from producer/songwriter Bryant Urich. This class helps you understand the hardware and software you need to get started, the kind of investment you’ll need to make, and the ins and outs of home versus studio recording.

You'll Learn…

Get up to speed on current songwriting techniquesFind out what “top line” and “track writing” areDiscover how modern songwriters collaborate using tech in the sessionHow “track guys” produce demos in the session with the songwritersLearn which software is best and what pieces of gear are essential to get started creating killer home demos immediatelyWhy great demos are better than iPhone voice memos and what producers are listening for 
Now I have the ability to produce the sounds I hear in my head… every songwriter needs this basic knowledge to get their songs out into the world.
— Bryant Urich

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