How Do you Write About That?

with Steve Siler

Untouchable Subjects

Music for the Soul creator, Steve Siler, writes on the “untouchable subjects” of grief, abortion, addiction, and surviving deep pain. Do you have a story of overcoming addiction? Are there areas of your life God has healed, but you are afraid to talk about it? How do you write powerfully for people still caught up in addiction or destructive life behaviors?

You'll Learn…

  • How this hit songwriter learned to put his soul in his music and build a powerful ministry
  • About reaching the “unreachable”
  • About bringing healing through music
What we do as writers is, we take a jacket out of the closet that somebody else wears, and we put it on for a while until we know what it feels like, and we write a song from that place.
— Steve Siler

In This Masterclass

In this masterclass you will gain keen insights into how to work with sensitive and often painful topics in your songwriting. Steve Siler’s ministry to comfort the broken and hurting has taught him the value of not ignoring the pain, but redeeming it through the hope we have in Christ by crafting lyrics and melodies that can be used as instruments of healing. You’ll learn strategies and principles for redeeming your own story and using it as a foundation for ministry to others in need.

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