Level Up Your Lyric Writing

with with John Chisum

Learn to write lyrics that last!

How do pro songwriters approach lyric writing in a way that hits the hearts of so many listeners? Is it possible to learn how to write lyrics that could outlive you? Yes! In this powerful NCS Members masterclass, John Chisum will take you deeper than ever into the tips and techniques that help you level up your lyric writing!

You'll Learn…

  • To engage your listeners with emotion
  • The importance of using “economy of words” and how to do it
  • How to trigger the imaginations of your listeners with imagery instead of concepts
  • What the phrase “conversational poetics” means and how to use it in your lyric writing
  • The value of “big ideas” and “grand themes” in your lyric writing
  • See a demonstration of how one song grew from a lengthy first draft to becoming a powerful lyric
  • So much more…
John Chisum
“I want to help you learn to think like a pro lyric writer…”
— with John Chisum

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