Modern Worship Chord Progressions with Producer/Arranger Chris Springer

with Chris Springer

Easily master modern chord progressions

Keyboardist, arranger, songwriter, and producer Chris Springer has been at the heart of worship music as a publisher and A&R Director with Integrity Music, and traveling the world in ministry with worship leaders Don Moen, Paul Baloche, Paul Wilbur and many more in his lengthy career spanning over two decades. Now you can learn the most current chord progressions he uses and how to create powerful music with your songwriting!

You'll Learn…

  • How to use current chord progressions to strengthen your songs
  • When and how to avoid “dated” chords that drag your songs down
  • What makes melodies and chords fresh again and how to use them today to make your songs pop
  • How to create emotion with chord progressions and melodies to touch your listeners
  • Secrets to modern worship songwriting using better chord progressions
  • And more…
“Knowing your chords is critical to writing songs people are drawn into”
— Chris Springer

In This Masterclass

You don’t have to be a studio musician to write powerful songs – you just have to know enough about chords, chord progressions, and how to position engaging melodies over them that will draw your listeners and congregations into the song you’re leading or presenting. Now, a master of the keyboard, Chris Springer, will share with you the most current chord progressions being used in modern worship and how you can utilize them in your own songwriting. Even if you don’t play keys or guitar, understanding how melodies and lyrics work with these progressions is critical to your songwriting success.

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