Modern Hymn Writing with David Baroni

with David Baroni

Learn to write in the style of classic hymn writers with a modern touch...

David Baroni is a much-loved worship leader, author, and popular songwriter who has penned hundreds of songs over his thirty-year career. His song “O Mighty Cross” (co-written with John Chisum) appears in more than one hymnal and other hymn-like compositions have been featured with major Christian music publishers. In this informative and powerful masterclass, David Baroni helps you understand the power of language and structure to create your own modern hymns that are filled with excellent doctrine and that use the best of hymn writing techniques to make them singable and useful for any congregation.

You'll Learn…

Learn the difference between hymns and praise choruses Understand how to choose a powerful title Find out how to write lyrics that can stand the test of time and culture Get tips on how to structure intervals, melodies, and chords to create anew hymn that could become a classic Learn why “mystery” and “awe” are important elements in hymn writing Hear why it’s important to use language at a higher level to speak to people universally Learn why God’s message is limitless and how you can tap into limitless creativity to express His glory
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As songwriters, we should LOVE words…
— David Baroni

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