Ten Keys to Effective Cowriting

with John Chisum

Learn to cowrite like a pro...

Get the most important things you need to know before going into a writing room with others. Cowriting is like any relationship –  there are going to be writers that you just “click” with, and others that you don’t, but you’ve got to be prepared and at your best for every cowrite.This masterclass will give you the Ten Keys to Effective Cowriting so you can build and maintain powerful writing partners for years to come.

You'll Learn…

  • What to expect in cowriting appointments and how to behave at your best
  • Exactly what you’ll need to do beforehand to be prepared
  • What to take with you to a cowrite (and what to leave home)
  • How to split percentages in copyright ownership with your cowriters
  • The give and take of ideas and how to settle disagreements
  • Why knowing your songwriting strengths makes each cowrite more powerful
John Chisum with guitar
To cowrite is to share a sacred creative space constructed around ideas, words, and melodies that requires trust, candor, and authenticity.
— John Chisum

In This Masterclass

Collaboration is the norm in music creation and it is rare to see but one writer’s name on a song these days. It’s not uncommon to see as many as five names given credit on popular worship and radio songs, but how do they do it? If you’re unfamiliar with cowriting, it can feel frightening to think of sharing your ideas, words, and melodies with another writer and you may be intimidated by the very thought.But, as the Word says in Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron,” and that is certainly true when you are co-laboring on a song.In this masterclass, music industry veteran John Chisum shares his top insights for becoming an effective co-writer so that you can combine your best songwriting abilities with those of others to gain an even more powerful outcome. Chisum has co-written hundreds of songs and has experienced the joy of seeing many of those songs impact the church globally.Now you can learn to become an effective cowriter through this NCS Members Masterclass with John Chisum.

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