The Art of Self-Critique in Songwriting

with John Chisum

Learn to think like a pro songwriter

The #1 challenge facing songwriters is objectivity about their own work. Top songwriters have developed the unique ability to survey the landscape of music and make in-the-moment judgment calls about word and melody choices, giving them a distinct advantage. Now you can have this advantage for your songwriting!

You'll Learn…

  • The songwriter’s #1 challenge (it’s not what you think)
  • The old music business paradigm vs. the new music economy
  • How to use greater objectivity as you write
  • Key questions to use in your songwriting process for immediate results
  • The power of getting “on mission” with your songwriting
  • And more…
John Chisum
“You have more publishing power in your cell phone than entire companies had 30 years ago…”
— John Chisum

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