What Is Commercial Songwriting?

with John Chisum

Understanding commercial songwriting...

If you’ve ever wondered what real “commercial songwriting” is, this is your masterclass. The music business has changed, evolved with technology, and the rules have changed as to who does what and how songwriters get their songs “out there.” Now you can gain insights and action items about commercial songwriting and how to navigate the “new music biz economy” with industry veteran, John Chisum.

You'll Learn…

  • Learn what makes a song “commercial”
  • Find out what it takes to get your songs out there
  • What the “new music economy” is and how to navigate it
  • Get great resources and action items for how to write commercially
  • What a “platform” is and how to build one
  • Why you only need a thousand raving fans to make a great living with your music
  • How to spot the big hooks/titles and why that will always be your first priority
  • And so much more!
John Chisum
Success in music is no longer about meeting the “right people”…
— John Chisum

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