Kristie Hammarstrom


“Be yourself: Everyone else is taken” ~ quote

“I was born to be HEARD: stop the false humility” ~ John Chisum (Song Revolution Podcast)

“It’s only too LATE when you decide it’s too LATE” – John Chisum (Song Revolution Podcast)

I am a mom of three grown children and a wife. I wrote many songs as a young mom. My songwriting took a backseat as I was raising children and working at a private Christian School as a teacher.  I did what I needed to do to help provide for my family through seasons of financial challenge. As sad as it is, all my songs were put in a box for 18 + years. God had called me to writing and I was writing lyrics and chords every chance I had… but life took over. Several songs had even received positive feedback in songwriting competitions.  Somehow, I let it go. In this new season, God is definitely calling me back to writing – to write new songs,  to re-work the old and breathe new life into the songs He has given me.  I hope to share them soon. I have older recordings but am re-working with fresh new lyrics & sound (using the “blueprint”).  Thank you John Chisum for so many encouraging words as I listen to your podcast. It is a wealth of information and so good for me! I hope to come to Nashville for an NCS workshop soon!

“Do more than DREAM – take BOLD steps”