Nashville Indie Singer Songwriter Christa Wells on Writing from Real Life

If you’re wondering how to become a real singer songwriter, Nashville indie artist and hit songwriter Christa Wells can certainly help you out. Christa has had tremendous success with songs recorded by Natalie Grant, Plumb, Selah, and Point of Grace. But it’s writing from real life that brings her the most joy.

On this week’s episode of our Song Revolution Podcast, I got to sit down with Christa to discover what sets her apart as an artist, how she approaches her songwriting, and the very real stuff from which her songs emerge. While many Christian songwriters may be afraid to write about their real lives, Wells is bold enough to write a song like “Hold This House Up,” written to her husband during a time when their marriage was falling apart.

The second verse and chorus sing:

You want to let go, let it go on

You haven’t the heart

For one more disappointing turn of events

But look at the stone under our feet

Still in it’s place

And I think that these old bones could stand a chance


Will you help me hold this house up

Will you help me hold this house up

Will you help me hold this house up

And let the waters pass beneath

W/M Christa Wells © Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.

While Christa was ultimately unable to save her marriage, her life and artistry continues as she raises her five children and seeks to connect with audiences to share her experience, strength, and hope.

Our fun and inspiring discussion centered on the tremendous responsibility we have as Christian songwriters to communicate not only the obviously “Christian” themes, but to communicate about life from a Christian viewpoint of love and hope in Christ no matter what’s going on around us.

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