NCS Announces “Free Critique Week” for Singer-Songwriters March 23 – 28

Are song critiques really that helpful? What is a song critique, who does them, and what’s the takeaway for you as a worship songwriter?

Should you be getting your songs critiqued?

NCS hopes to answer these questions and more as they demonstrate what professional song critique is all about with NCS’ Free Critique Week happening online March 23rd – 28th.

Song critiques have been a staple in the music industry for decades. Publishers, producers, and record company executives overseeing the creative process have always offered advice to singer-songwriters on their compositions as they were being considered for recording and even during the process itself.

While it’s commonplace that a melody line or lyric may be tweaked even while the artist is standing at the microphone laying down lead vocals, a deeper critique of the idea, melodic approach, and overall lyric development of a song has hopefully occurred long before the artist hits the recording studio.

NCS is offering a chance for you to peek into the real process of how a publisher works with a singer-songwriter during it’s Free Critique Week happening Monday through Saturday, March 23rd – 28th online.

Each session will be a demonstration of actual song critique as NCS President John Chisum works with a single songwriter to help them refine an existing song, focusing in on the strength of the hook, the power of the melody, and consistency in the overall composition.

Use these links to register for the time that works for you. A confirmation email with login instructions will be sent from upon your registration. All times are posted in Central Standard Time.

Monday noon –
Tuesday noon –
Tuesday 7pm –
Wednesday noon –
Thursday noon –
Thursday 7pm-
Friday noon –
Saturday noon –

DISCLAIMER: NCS is not offering free critiques to all who attend. This is an opportunity for singer-songwriters or songwriters of any kind to observe and experience what happens in a song critiquing situation. A description of NCS Coaching opportunities and offers may be mentioned.

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  1. Cristana Carlton

    Looking forward to this!!!!

  2. Carol

    Just found your site! Are recordings from of these sessions available anywhere? Thanks!

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