NCS Collective

Real people making real music.

So, what is it?

Is it a record label? Yes.

A publishing company? Well, yes.

Is it a new digital media outlet for amazing new worship songs, Christian radio hits, and a platform for up and coming Christian artists? Definitely.

The NCS Collective is an independent record label and publishing company. We are a preeminent creator, curator, and distributor of faith-based music, songs, and artists with the intended purpose of edifying and elevating the body of Christ.

Featured NCS Collective

Niki Lou Savich has found herself following God’s lead into several diverse and unexpected careers in her life. Despite developing a debilitating illness and suffering an early divorce by the...

Ezra was a scribe and priest in Israel who many scholars believe not only wrote the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, but First and Second Chronicles. He was likely the...

Music forty years in the making John Chisum is not a newcomer to making great Christian music. His first year in Nashville garnered nearly twenty recorded songs as a new...

Bonnie Barbey is a prolific songwriter with a heart for worship and for building the Kingdom of God with her music. Although a non-performing songwriter, she enjoys many...

At only 22-years old, Coby James is already recognized as a powerful young force in Christian Music. The prodigious songwriter, singer, guitarist, and producer has begun to make...

Anya Lee died. Literally. Frozen to death on the Appalachian Trail in 2019, she woke to find herself in the ER staring at the ceiling filled with bright...

Petrina’s story is one of sweet redemption. Raised in the church but wandering away, Petrina found herself trapped in a physically and psychologically abusive relationship. Escaping with little...

John Chisum and NCS owe their staying power to finding the balance between years of tried and true music business success and fresh ideas able to impact our current musical trends.

The NCS Collective is all about celebrating the powerful music rising up from our vibrant global community of dedicated Christian songwriters.

We provide Collective members with the highest quality music production, promotion, marketing and distribution advantages available. Our team of experts have years of proven success and experience. We support our songwriters, artists, and ministry partners by offering our combined knowledge, resources and connections to spread the message of Jesus Christ throughout the world. 

But, most of all, the NCS Collective is the powerful result of thousands of Christian songwriters and artists joining together for the common goal of promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ one great song at a time. These songs represent the fruit of their learning how to craft songs that can capture the hearts and imaginations of the maximum number of people all over the world to worship and love Jesus.

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