NCS Pro Song Mastery

Unlock songwriting mastery with John Chisum's expertise!

Songwriting Mastery in Eight Weeks

Drawing from the deep well of his 40-year Christian music career as a songwriter, publisher, and recording artist, John Chisum created this eight-week, online coaching program to quickly and easily help you grasp the concepts and insights that he’s used to write and publish over 400 songs to date and to coach dozens of well-known Christian songwriters and artists at Star Song Media and Integrity Music.

Now in its ninth year, hundreds of songwriters have completed his training. Many have gone on to record and release full albums and singles, get their music on radio and television, and even become Grammy-nominated songwriters.

Based on his exclusive Songbuilders Blueprint video training, this exclusive songwriting experience is a true mentorship with John.

Unlocking Your Potential

You will immediately benefit from his extensive knowledge, experience, and success as he downloads to you exactly what you need to reach your dreams and goals.

Personalized Guidance

As a mentor and coach, John meets you right where you are in your songwriting journey and then gently guides you toward a deeper understanding of your gifts and abilities.

Master the Art of Songcraft

The NCS Pro Song Mastery program will give you new clarity, confidence, and inspiration in your songwriting. It will open your eyes to how pro-level songwriters deliver hit after hit like you sing in church or hear on Christian radio.

How It Works

Meeting weekly on Zoom, you will receive personalized instruction and guidance to level up your songs to stand out in today’s competitive musical climate. Each writer in the group receives individualized coaching and input every week to improve each song presented.

A weekly Session Guide keeps you right on track with the training videos and songwriting exercises you need to write your best songs ever. John and the NCS Team of coaches will give you specific rewrite suggestions to help you make each song the best it can be. 

You’ll never have to wonder what it takes to become a professional Christian songwriter.

NCS Pro Song Mastery groups typically meet one evening per week for eight weeks, often on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday evenings. Sessions are generally two to two and a half hours as John invests quality time into each songwriter present. 

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