One-on-one Coaching

Have specific needs favoring one-on-one coaching? We've got you covered!

Personalized Coaching Options with NCS

In select cases, one one-on-one coaching with John Chisum or another NCS Coach may be preferable to group coaching.

Whether you’re a busy mom or businessperson unable to make the evening coaching sessions or have specific needs or goals that make one-on-one coaching the better way to go, we have several ways to serve you.

Whether you’re prepping for a single song release, full album production, or you want to experience our NCS Pro Song Mastery program in an individual manner, one-on-one coaching focuses on your immediate needs as a Christian songwriter and artist.

How It Works

Co-writing with John or any one of our professional coaches can be part of this experience to help you accomplish an up-to-the-minute sound and bring your songs and artistry to life.

Available in six, eight, and twelve-week segments, the NCS one one-on-one option is a tailor-made experience built around you and your goals.

Fees vary depending on length of term and your specific needs and goals. We will listen deeply to what you want to accomplish, then pair you with John or the appropriate coach for your premium coaching experience.

One-on-one coaching may be paired with your production needs, as well, if you are getting ready to record music and want to make sure you are prepared with the highest quality songs for your release.

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One-on-One Coaching

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