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Joining NCS MEMBERSHIP is all about fulfilling your passionate call to write great songs for God, connect with other Christian songwriters, and be part of a growing movement to spread the Gospel in song like never before!

Because NCS “exists to empower Christian songwriters worldwide,” you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality of resources and information from people who’ve served in ministry and the Christian music industry for over 40 years and counting.

Our team has lived the call to write, sing, and serve for decades and has traveled the world teaching at Christian music conferences, festivals, hundreds of local churches, and has impacted nations with their popular songs that will live for many years to come.

Now you can tap into a depth of experience, expertise, and affordable instruction at an unprecedented time in our world’s history, a crucial time in which the world needs to hear your songs the most.

This is your time to be heard.

Decidedly Christian in our focus, everything we do is geared toward equipping you to “learn your craft and live your call.” We understand that every songwriter is unique and that you have a passion to communicate your heart for God.

We’re here to help you fulfill that call!

NCS MEMBERSHIP is designed to take you deeper into the calling and the craft you need to fulfill your call.

Your NCS MEMBERSHIP puts the most exciting and relevant songwriting information, inspiration, and community at your fingertips and will become the most valuable resource to empower and equip you to fulfill your call.

Every songwriter wants to be heard.

Becoming part of NCS MEMBERSHIP is an unparalleled opportunity to be heard for the songwriter you are and the songwriter you will become as you access the powerful tools and community now opening up for you here.

Why wait?

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to ramp up your songwriting and take bold action to fulfill your calling to write songs that could impact the world for Christ like never before.