Selfless Songwriting: Moving From Self Expression To Engaging With Your Audience

Have you ever thought or said, “I just want to get my songs out there” or “I just want to get my songs heard” or “I just know God has something bigger for me and my music”?

If you have, you’re not alone.

Thousands of aspiring songwriters are right where you are. In this episode, veteran songwriter and publisher, John Chisum, unpacks a few of the myths about self-expression and why your songs might not be winning the audience you really want.

He addresses writing with your target audience in mind and how you can capture the most intimate things you hope to express in more broadly appealing formats to grow your tribe and watch as your songs catch fire.

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  1. Cristaña Carlton

    John, thank you!!! Just heard “Selfless Songwriting” podcast and feel transformed! Appreciate the insights on the importance of putting the needs of the audience, first.

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