Serious Yuks with Singer Songwriter Tim Timmons

Although I’ve loved every interview we’ve done on the podcast, I don’t think I’ve laughed so much with anyone as much as with singer songwriter, Tim Timmons. Bethel Music’s Chris McClarney may be a close second, but Tim was hilarious, which is kind of ironic for this husband and father diagnosed with cancer.

We laughed about his big beard, his big glasses, and his big baldness, but his big love for Jesus is no laughing matter. He’s truly one of the good guys and his songs come from a deep place of authentic faith in the face of real life trials.

Calling himself a “professional christian,” Timmons has had a spiritual awakening as of late, an awakening that is fueling his life and his songwriting in fresh ways surprising even to him. Moving “beyond believer to follower,” Timmons’ songs are vibrant, fresh, unique, and definitely challenging to anyone caught up in mere cultural Christianity.

“I’ve been tired as a Christian – working so hard to try to be a good religious guy doing the right things, and I’ve just been exhausted,” he admits. Pretty vulnerable stuff for anyone believing Christian songwriters are invulnerable to life’s hardships. Along with the laughs, anyone interested in writing Christian songs can take a lesson from Timmons’ transparency and the tips he shared during the show.

You can find out more about Tim Timmons at

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