NCS Launches New Course “Your Best Songs Now”

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Continuing in their mission “to empower Christian songwriters worldwide,” Nashville Christian Songwriters has launched a new self-directed online course entitled “Your Best Songs Now” written and led by NCS President and veteran songwriter, John Chisum.

“When it comes to songwriting,” says Chisum, “process is everything. Whether songwriters realize it or not, their approach to songwriting can either shut them down or set them up for success. This course is about equipping our clients with the right training to write their best songs now.”

Containing over 15 instructive and inspirational video lessons, the course is being offered by NCS at an affordable $97, a price far below what they could charge for this powerful course filled with insightful exercises videos, and bonus downloads.

“We want to reach as many songwriters as possible with not only encouragement in these unprecedented times, but with specific and accessible tools to write their best songs now,” says NCS Vice-President, Robert Till. “This affordable, yet powerful, course will do that as John does what he does best: empower songwriters from his long history of success and expertise.”

This course includes:
  • Vital steps to finding your successful songwriting process
  • The power of pre-writing
  • The 7-step songwriting process
  • Learn your songwriting strengths
  • Get the “Hit Song Equation”
  • How to write “North Star” hooks and use them to guide your songwriting process
  • Powerful BONUS videos and pdf downloads

Your Best Songs Now has been created with beginning to intermediate songwriters in mind. The video lessons are shorter, easy-to-use and are suitable for younger and older songwriters alike. It’s for anyone who is ready to add more skills to discover a better process for successful songwriting.

Don’t let 2020 end without investing in yourself, in your songwriting, and in the people hungry for what God would say through you. Get Your Best Songs Now today!

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