The #1 Secret Songwriting Tool You Need To Become a Successful Songwriter

What is the #1 secret songwriting tool you need to become a successful songwriter?

Could it be knowing how to play the guitar or keyboard? Could it be having a stellar radio voice to sing your songs and record great cd’s of your music? Could it be knowing the right people in Nashville or L.A. or New York?

Or is it something else entirely that could be the #1 thing that could really set you up to become a successful songwriter at a level much higher than you could have ever imagined for yourself?

In today’s show, industry veteran John Chisum, opens up to you the one thing that could make all the difference for you in receiving song coaching. The coaching industry has blown up to become over a $1,000,000,000 industry in America for good reason. Some statistics say that coaching can increase your effectiveness up to 800%!

Tune in and find out about the power of song coaching to see if you’re ready for it in your own songwriting career and ministry with valuable insights about how it all can work to increase your listenership.

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John Chisum

John Chisum is a pioneer in the Christian music business, serving alongside people such as Bill & Gloria Gaither, Twila Paris, Paul Baloche, Don Moen, and many more. As Managing Partner of Nashville Christian Songwriters, John seeks to empower Christian songwriters worldwide to discover and fulfill their call to write.

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