Three Things Great Christian Songwriters Believe

believeINSTAGRAMSongwriting requires faith, especially Christian songwriting. Beyond the obvious spiritual faith in Jesus as the reason we write, what are the three things that great Christian songwriters believe (that you should believe, too), and how do they help them to be great Christian songwriters? Glad you asked! Here they are!

#1) Great Christian songwriters believe they have something unique to say. Every writer I’ve worked with through the years from Paul Baloche (Above All and many more) to Lynn DeShazo (Lord, You Are More Precious Than Silver and many more), has believed that God gave them something important to deliver through their songs. Believing this kept them (and me) going through all kinds of life’s ups and downs, rejections of songs, disappointments, and all that a songwriter must endure to become truly great.

#2) Great Christian songwriters believe that in every song “failure” lies the seed of songwriting success. It may sound trite, but Edison’s purported statement about “failing” so many times to create the light bulb being just learning 10,000 ways how NOT to make one is true for us, as well. he worked for over ten years experimenting with electric lights before he succeeded, but we get upset and give up when we’ve been writing far less years than that. Pro writers use every less-than-perfect song attempt as a learning experience, believing that each experiment counts as one step closer to success.

#3) Great Christian songwriters believe that they are a work in progress, just like their songs. Every great writer I know is humble and recognizes that their songs are a reflection of their own journey with God, often imperfect and stumbling. They recognize that songwriting, like life, has ups and downs and that they are in a process to becoming all God designed for them as a writer and creator of songs. This belief, along with the other two, are essential elements to successful living and songwriting.

Incorporate these three things in your faith walk and believe until you become the great Christian songwriter you long to be!

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    once again jon your blog is so helpful as an amateur Christian songwriting–I’m eating it all up

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