Three Ways to Get Inspired to Write Again (and Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Songwriting)

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John here… have you given up on your songwriting?

Yeah, I know it’s easy to do that because I’ve done it, too.

I actually went almost a decade without writing anything. Just got busy doing good things, paying the bills, letting life happen to me instead of for me. 

Don’t know if I just got burned out or….???

Anyway, God rekindled my desire to write when I was going through a ministry breakdown with some people I loved. I hadn’t sat down at the keyboard or picked up the guitar to write seriously in about nine years at that time when suddenly I’m cranking these songs OUT!! 

Ironically, the songs weren’t sad. They were hopeful, faith-filled, even celebratory as I got my eyes off my pain and onto the LORD in some fresh ways.

These songs were special gifts to me to help me through a tough season.

They eventually turned into a whole album I produced and released a few years back called “Beauty Will Save the World.” You can stream it on Youtube or Apple Music or Spotify just by searching for me.

One of my favorite songs on that record is called “Mercy in the Fire” and the chorus says:

There’s a mercy in the fire
And there’s a promise in the pain
There’s a wonder in the weakness
When we find His strength again
In every trial, test, and trouble hides
The purpose He desires
And the gold will be revealed
When we find mercy in the fire

© Copyright Donnaluv Music/ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.

If you’ve given up on your songwriting…

It took a personal meltdown for me to rediscover my love of songwriting, but you don’t have to wait for a breakdown to get back to your own songwriting.

Here’s a few things I’ve found helpful.

Start to listen again. Nothing inspires me to write like listening to music I love. Maybe taking a little more time to listen to the music you love will reignite your passion.

Reconnect with worship. We all get “dry” sometimes. I find that when I intentionally set aside even a few minutes to privately worship God that the music starts to stir inside me again. Maybe that would be a good place for you to start, too.

Remember the way you’ve felt when you finished a great song. Even if it’s been a minute, you probably can tap into a sweet memory when you felt proud of a song you wrote. I sometimes revisit “Beauty Will Save the World” and other songs I’ve written that bring me great satisfaction. Maybe pulling out some tunes you’ve written and felt good about in the past will help rekindle the flame to write.

Why you should never give up on your songwriting…

We just read online this morning about ten people who died in a tropical storm yesterday in Alabama. A car on the expressway hydroplaned with eight girls from a girl’s ranch. They were all killed. Their families need your songs.

We got an Amber Alert a couple of days ago. Those families need your songs.

Turn on the news for a FLOOD of desperation the world over. There’s a global family out there that needs your songs.

You should NEVER give up on your songwriting because people, REAL people, need to hear what God would say through you to bring comfort, healing, and the REAL Gospel to them.

Your songwriting gift ISN’T for you. 

When I finally got my eyes off myself, I could be of use to God in writing again.

Maybe it’s time to remember who this is really about.

Just saying.

I recently did a songwriter training called “God Gave Me A Song… Now What?” It’s available as a REPLAY here. Maybe it will also help you re-engage with your love for songwriting and kickstart some great songs for you. I would love to hear from you if these suggestions help- – just shoot me an email at and I will personally respond. 🙂

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  1. Delores Tolliver

    I haven’t given up. I just have songs, melody and lyrics just sitting. Who do I send them too? Christian songs.

  2. Glen kelley

    I enjoyed this whole read. Thank you!. Relatable and inspiring. gk.

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