Want to Become a Successful Songwriter? Here’s How!

I’ve just released one of the clearest and most important teaching episodes on the Song Revolution for Christian songwriters yet. It’s called “How to Become a Successful Songwriter” and in it I share the most important thing you can know about songwriting, a simple yet profound principle that jump-started me to having over 400 songs recorded in my career and counting.

I’ll go ahead and give it to you here in case you can’t go listen, though I recommend you do listen because I unpack it a lot in the show. Here it is. Drum roll, please…. songs are more “assembled” than “written.”

Okay, so maybe that doesn’t seem so earth-shattering to you when you read it on the page here, but it is deceptively powerful and maybe one of the most significant steps an aspiring (or any) songwriter can take.

It wasn’t until I started grasping that principle that my own songwriting took off, even though I was sitting right in the heart of Music Row with some of the most influential people in Christian music to this day.

Here’s the short version.

When I learned how to “assemble” songs instead of write out of my own emotions or even spirituality, my career took off. Once I got it that my feelings are great for my journal, spouse, or therapist and not necessarily for my songs, I could concentrate on writing what other people might love to sing.

In this episode I share my story of discovering this powerful principle and how it directly affected my songwriting and opened the door to success. I believe it to be the single greatest realization for you in your songwriting, too, and I hope you’ll listen. I know it will help you take some giant strides in the way you approach your songwriting.

How to Become a Successful Songwriter with John Chisum

I get real in this episode and share some things that can make a big difference for you. I also have a huge giveaway in this episode called The Songbuilders Blueprint®, a really cool songwriting tool you won’t find anywhere else that shows you exactly what each line and section in a song should be doing to make it the most powerful song it can be.

There are a lot of online songwriting courses and a lot of people who want to tell you how to write a Christian song. But we’re here to help you build a lifelong ministry and career from your songwriting, so be sure to check out all we offer here at NCS, starting with this new episode of the Song Revolution.

Did you know NCS offers group and personal coaching options designed to take you to the highest levels of your songwriting? How would it feel to know you’ve taken bold steps towards fulfilling your call to get your songs out there and have people loving and singing them? Read about NCS Group and Personal Coaching now!

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