Why Every Singer Songwriter Should Know Andrew Ripp

I discovered singer songwriter Andrew Ripp a few years ago doing an “iTunes Sweep” and was immediately smitten with his southern roots rock sound. Once I got deeper into his lyrics, I was in full-blown, gushy love. Now that I’ve had him on our podcast, I’ve confirmed the depth and authenticity of this guy and that makes me love him and his music even more.

I bet you will, too.

Andrew is a recovering alcoholic. He’s very open about it in his songs and personal conversation and his lyrics are a study for any aspiring songwriter online. In fact, that’s what endeared him to me, the vulnerability of admitting his weaknesses and never sugar coating them.

In “Let Love Win” he writes:

We take our corners
We don’t back down
It’s getting colder
With every round

When did we start fighting each other
Instead of fighting for the thing we had
Getting tired of the war now
I don’t want to live like that

Songwriters: Andrew Ripp / Jeff Pardo Let Love Win lyrics © Music Services, Inc

Andrew is everything critics of Christian radio will love. Straightforward, anti-niched, eclectic, authentic, vulnerable, and even truly Christian. He talks a lot in this episode about the hard times and the real community that brought him through. He shares about his recent adoption and the serendipitous events that brought it about.

Andrew Ripp is a lot more than a typical singer songwriter. Much more. Bet you’ll love him and I hope you’ll sit up and notice how he crafts lyrics expertly, humanely, masterfully. If you hope to succeed in becoming a songwriter, Andrew is a great one to emulate and learn from.

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