Why the World Needs One More Christmas Song

…and why YOU need to write it!

Ahhhh, the sounds of Christmas…. the ubiquitous Salvation Army Santa outside of Walmarts and Best Buys with that annoying little bell clanging till you give him a buck just to make him stop, but he never does…

The bustle of shoppers and imaginary tinkling of Silver Bells, the very real laughter and swooshing of ice skaters in Rockefeller Center…

The carols and classic songs in all the movies we binge watch leading up to the big day to help us get in the Christmas spirit…

Halloween is barely over before the malls and shopping centers and music on hold cranks up the endless loop of Winter Wonderland, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, and Frosty the Snowman, and, depending on your particular childhood memories of this holiday and how it played out in your house, this is either really awesome or a slow merciless death akin to Chinese water torture that FINALLY stops dripping on Christmas Day.

But does the world really need ANOTHER Christmas song?

Aren’t there enough already?

Certainly no one needs another BAD song about Christmas, but what if, just maybe…. YOU wound up penning a Silent Night or O Come, All Ye Faithful, or Tender Tennessee Christmas that actually became part of the sacred canon of Christmas tunes?

This week, John Chisum encourages you to believe in a Christmas miracle one more time and step up to write the songs only you can write.

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  1. Yvonne Meek

    Done! A Christmas/Resurrection song. Let me know if you want to hear it.

  2. Olivia Smith

    Wow! Thank you for the powerful encouragement John!

  3. Music

    Thanks it was good read!

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