Writing Powerful Songs for Praise & Worship

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  • God has called you to write songs for Him, but you have no idea how to do it
  • You long to hear millions of worshipers singing your songs
  • You have a burden to use your gifts and talents to glorify God
  • You want to learn how to get your songs out to the world
  • ​You believe you have written songs that can impact the nations (but you don't know how to get them there!)
  • You've been writing for years and want to take the next right step
  • You feel time slipping by and realize that NOW is your time to be heard

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If you’re wondering what it takes to be heard as a Christian songwriter these days, this webinar is your answer.

Thirty-five year Christian music industry veteran, John Chisum, brings you the vital keys to writing your most compelling songs ever in this informative and inspirational webinar. The keys John will give you today unlocked for him the secrets to writing and publishing over 400 of his own songs, as well as managing some of the biggest songwriters in Christian music!

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  • How to write compelling worship lyrics that move people’s hearts
  • How to write more powerful worship songs immediately
  • Secrets to tap into your hidden creativity to write freely and easily
  • How to find fresh song ideas and never have writer’s block again
  • How to build songwriting confidence and lose all fear of being heard
  • Actionable ways to find your mission as a worship songwriter
  • The power of resourcing your songwriting and fulfilling your passionate call to impact the world for Christ in praise and worship

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Gain valuable tools and skills to increase your audience and to draw more and more people into the presence of God with your words and melodies!

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"With great joy, I am happy to recommend to you John Chisum!"
Bill Gaither
"John's insights into writing songs that impact listeners are some of the most powerful you'll find anywhere. His deep knowledge and experience in managing some of the top songwriters in Christian music will immediately change the way you approach your next song and propel you into the best songwriting of your life!"
Branon Dempsey
CEO, Founder & Training Directory/Worship Team Training
"John has helped me see that songwriting is worship and deserves to be my best offering to God. He's helped me recognize the value of a great hook and how to write from my heart."
Arch DeBoard, Esq
“John Chisum has helped us to balance on the fine line between lyrical depth, relevance, and marketability. He has encouraged us tremendously while challenging us to dig deeper and take more risks to be the best songwriters we can be!”
"John has obviously put his heart and soul into this... My songwriting is becoming more of a discipline, and ideas are just overflowing! Thanks, John!"
Karen Fout
“Be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night with an ‘Aha moment!,’ or while driving down the road for that matter. This will open up a new world for you!”
Debbie Davis


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