Writing Your Best Songs Now

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Can’t finish your songs?

Unsure how to connect with listeners?

Here’s how you can start writing your best songs now!

Writing Your Best Songs Now

If you’re struggling to find great ideas or finish your songs, odds are it’s not a lack of inspiration. Being a Christian songwriter means you’re already inspired. Jesus doesn’t have to do anything else to be all the inspiration you need for a lifetime of effective songwriting.

The real issue is a lack of songwriting skills.

Many aspiring Christian songwriters mistake their passion for Jesus for great songwriting ability. They are very different things. Millions have a great passion for Jesus. Only a few understand how to develop the skills that are necessary to communicate that passion to the masses through compelling songs like Way Maker, Living Hope, and Build My Life.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can learn to channel your deep devotion for worshiping Jesus into powerful songs a lot of people will love and begin writing your best songs now. It just takes adding some key skills to your inspiration to unlock hidden creativity and songwriting power.

Adding Skills to Inspiration

Adding better skills to your inspiration is critical if you want to build a larger audience for your songs. Your devotion is the spark that gets the songwriting process going. Building great songwriting skill is the fuel that makes the engine run.

If you’re not finding great ideas or you don’t know how to finish your songs in a way that makes them truly compelling, you’ll be frustrated.

Inspiration is essential. Great songwriting begins with adding missing skills that help you communicate your heart to listeners more effectively.

Where Great Songwriting Begins

In our NCS Coaching experience, we help you see what’s working in your current process and what’s not. We identify your current process to add the missing skills and get you writing your best songs now. This is where great songwriting begins.

After we’ve added new skills, we dive into giving you the process the pros use to crank out hit after hit. We uncover the trade secrets you won’t find anywhere else.

At no point is your inspiration lost. Inspiration is where the desire to write lasting songs begins.

We know that coaching isn’t for everyone. It requires a vigorous honesty and a willingness to let go of outdated impressions of what writing your best songs now really means.

If you think you’re ready, you can use the link at the bottom of this page to set up a free, no-obligation phone call with us to explore what song coaching can do for your career and ministry.

“Inspiration is where the desire to write lasting songs begins.”

At the end of the day it’s not the inspiration that will carry you. It will be the skills you’ve built into the inspiration, the tools and techniques that help you craft compelling words and melodies.

Adding skills to inspiration is a Biblical mandate. In Exodus 35:35 that says, “He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work as craftsmen, as designers, as embroiderers in blue, purple, and scarlet yarn as weavers. They are craftsmen in all the work and artistic designers.”

These “craftsmen” learned their craft from people who taught them. We shouldn’t be afraid of learning the real craft of songwriting. Becoming a better songwriter actually brings more glory to God and not less. Adding skill and getting the process the pros use is how you can start writing your best songs now.

Get the Process the Pros Use

Professional songwriters use a proven process to write hit after hit. They have discovered the steps that work best for them and use them over and over again. Now this process is available to you to capture the deep devotion of your love for Jesus through a new online video course.

Nashville Christian Songwriters recently released Your Best Songs Now from NCS President, John Chisum. With over 15 videos, transcripts, exercises, and BONUS material, this online course is exactly what will get you writing your best songs now.

Learn how pro songwriters think & use their skills to start writing your best songs now!

Get hours of professional songwriting instruction, videos, downloads, exercises, and bonuses to tap hidden creativity. You’ll learn:

  • Foundations for a Successful Songwriting Process
  • The Difference Between Process & Methods
  • The Power of Pre-writing
  • The 7-Step Process for Successful Songwriting
  • Learn Your Songwriting Strengths
  • Get the “Hit Song Equation”
  • How to Use “North Star Hooks” to Write Great Songs
  • Five Primary Melodic & Musical Tools to Your Skill Set.

Laid out in clear, concise modules, you can take the guesswork out of songwriting. If you’ve been looking for ways to grow as a Christian songwriter, Your Best Songs Now is only $97 and you can get started today.

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Get started writing your best songs now!

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