Are you a worship leader, singer-songwriter, aspiring artist or a stay-at-home songwriter longing to have your songs heard?


IF you’re a WORSHIP LEADER or worship songwriter ready to write songs  that could be sung in your church and around the world…

IF you’re a SINGER-SONGWRITER ready to write the songs that will        solidify your career and win a loyal audience…

IF you’re an aspiring CCM ARTIST ready to write and record the kinds of songs that could be heard on radio networks nationwide and beyond…

IF you’re a SERIOUS SONGWRITER ready to take your skills to the highest level possible…

THEN… NCS COACHING is your next right step to becoming the songwriter you long to be!

Struggling to finish your songs? Experiencing too much writer's block? Wanting to reach a broader audience and step into your call to write for Jesus?

Get the coaching you need now to become the songwriter you long to be.


Glorifying God fully by utilizing the gifts He’s placed in you and overcoming the FEARS and PROCRASTINATION that have held you back for far too long to get your songs out there! 


NCS Coaching happens online so you never leave the comfort of your home! All you need is a computer and a heart ready to take in the time-tested principles our coaches bring you to ramp up to your best songwriting ever!

an eight-week coaching experience
designed to 10x your songwriting power!


NCS Coaching is the most effective way to step into your calling as a Christian songwriter.

If you’re a worship leader wanting to write worship that can impact the world, a singer-songwriter looking to establish your career, or an aspiring CCM Artist wanting to learn what it takes to be heard on the radio and tour, NCS Coaching is your next right step to successful Christian songwriting.

Step by Step Instruction

Eight-weeks of powerful songwriting instruction to reveal how pro songwriters write hit after hit and how you can learn to write your best.

LIVE Interactive Coaching

Personalized feedback for YOUR songs via LIVE coaching calls with John Chisum, the NCS Coaching Staff, and occasional special guests.

Weekly Song Assignments

Easily grow your craft with weekly exercises and assignments to learn quickly how to write at a higher level.

Pro-Level Video Training

Lifetime access to over 12 hours of pro-level video training to return to again and again.

Tap Greater Creativity and Inspiration

Say "goodbye" to writer's block forever and learn how to tap into constant creativity and inspiration for your songwriting ministry.

Coaching Alumni Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership in the NCS Boot Camp Alumni Group to build community, receive ongoing feedback and encouragement.

Event Discounts

Huge discounts on all NCS events and resources including the NCS Weekend Intensive and more.


You were born to be heard.
We’re here to help.

NOTE: Enrolling in NCS Coaching neither infers nor guarantees “success” in the recording and music industry and no such warranties are inferred or made in this promotion. Nashville Christian Songwriters is an educational and resource company only and makes no promises whatsoever other than to coach, encourage, and teach you to the best of our ability the principles of excellent commercial songwriting. Individual results may vary and clients are responsible for their own success.