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When it comes to writing great songs, process is EVERYTHING!

If you struggle to finish songs or you’ve been completely shut down with “writer’s block,” this new course from veteran songwriter & producer, John Chisum, will boost your creativity and bring fresh inspiration to write Your Best Songs Now.

Can't finish songs? Unsure how to connect with listeners?

Then it’s time to… Discover Your Successful Songwriting Process! “I know what it’s like to long to be a powerful Christian songwriter, but not have the right tools to get my heart out in a song,” says John Chisum. “That’s why I’ve put the process I’ve used for years in this new course to help you use it, too!”

You can finally get the powerful songwriting process the pros use.

You will learn:

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Get hours of professional songwriting instruction, videos, downloads & bonuses to add skill & confidence to your songwriting immediately!

Discover Your Successful Songwriting Process

If you’re ready to power up your songwriting, this new course will give you the tools you need to see immediate results. 

Communicate Your Heart

Share Your Testimony

Lead Others into Deeper Worship

Glorify God with Your Talents

Gain Clarity and Confidence

Fulfill Your Call

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Learn how pro songwriters think & use their skills to write like never before.

If you’ve been looking for a way to grow as a songwriter, veteran songwriter, publisher, worship leader, and recording artist John Chisum has now made available to you the clearest way to get there!

Laid out in clear, concise modules, this course contains over 15 videos and extra BONUS materials!

Don’t wait – get started now fulfilling this passion in your heart to write songs the world could love.

Your Best Songs Now

Discover Your Successful Songwriting Process
$ 97
  • Easy-to-Use Course Modules
  • Over 15 videos
  • Course Downloads
  • 15+ Songwriting Exercises
  • Plus, Bonus Materials

Be heard for the songwriter you long to be and build the audience you dream of now!